The Faine House is a residential program for teens who are aging out of the foster care system. Many of these young adults fall into bad behaviors compounded by poor economic situations. Jeff Faine, a former NFL player who himself was adopted, realized that he could be a catalyst to make a difference in their lives. He formed The Faine House in coordination with the Children’s Home Society and has been supporting this 10-bed facility ever since. With no major funding source, the leadership realized that there existed a sustainability issue for the program.

We took the program leadership through our brand and messaging process which resulted in a cohesive messaging platform for the brand. In addition, they wanted us to rework their donor materials. Out of that creative process a big idea formed — a sustainable capital campaign we branded “The FaineMakers.” The concept was to solicit high-level donors to commit to $10,000 per year for 10 years. We created a unique brand for the campaign and avariety of collateral materials that supported the program. The invitation to “join” this exclusive club was presented in a branded, custom-made cigar box that held a quality cigar, brochure, measuring tape and cigar cutter.

Brand and messaging development
Creative Concepting
Logo Design
Print Collateral
Portrait Photography
Specialty Production Management

To date there more than a dozen FaineMakers who have committed to the program which secures a sustainable funding base from which The Faine House can continue to operate. TKO continues to support The Faine House across all their programs and initiatives.